Dashboard used to display and deploy metrics

Our consultants work with you to determine which metrics must be chosen to maximise the impact on your business. The output is a custom-developed dashboard of outstanding efficacy and power that presents actionable insights. Each featured data set is dynamic so that you can drill down from big picture to a high degree of granularity. We work with every relevant stakeholder cluster so they can each benefit from a bespoke dashboard which presents the most meaningful data sets for their area of responsibility and focus.


We also work with you to shape and operate the right governance framework to leverage TRACE’s data-driven insights. Here, the focus falls on enabling the intuitive use of near-time data metrics to make informed business decisions, even by non-technical managers, rather than merely sharing information. This second stage is often overlooked by companies when contemplating dashboard reporting.

We’re currently working on a couple of videos to show TRACE in action. Please come back soon.

TRACE is fully automated and can deliver up-to-date scheduled reports at the frequency of your choosing (from hourly or daily right through to weekly or monthly). TRACE also references target and historical data so that you quickly see progression to target and performance against past trends. Each dashboard is bespoke to a given client, presenting the most meaningful data to that organisation, and can be fully branded to mirror any given corporate style guide.

A mobile-ready business application which uses responsive design. All data visualisation powered by TRACE automatically orientates itself based on the screen size of the device you are using. This means you access the data and benefit from our insights on-the-go via your smartphone or tablet, in addition to your laptop or desktop computer.