Meeting and events today

Many companies rely on multiple, siloed systems and processes to manage their meetings and events. As a result, visibility into corporate spend and how assets are being utilised is fragmented and severely limited. Each data site hosts data which can become enormously powerful when interconnected to other data sites in a consistent, seamless way.


What it should be like

Imagine being able to identify which meeting type elicits the best response under a particular set of circumstances. Or, imagine being able to access and leverage spend insight data for better procurement outcomes. Or, imagine having automatically consolidated spend data to smoothen audit trails and regulatory reporting (such as Transfers of Value within healthcare).


A future proof solution

TRACE is an on demand, cloud-based solution that makes it easy for corporate meetings and events category leaders to unify attendee and spend data, streamline meeting management and gain complete visibility across the spend category.

Our clients enjoy an easy to use, consistent experience that provides business intelligence, analytics and insights about the performance of their meetings and events. TRACE offers a unified, secure and reliable solution that can be deployed or customised for any company with a meetings and event portfolio.

Trace values

With one seamless process to spend insight and analytics, TRACE improves corporate governance and enables faster, higher-quality performance management.