TRACE & TRACE Enterprise

The TRACE version is intended for category and project managers who need a simple, high-performance data visibility solution. It includes many of the essential features of the Enterprise edition, without the complexity and functionality required by power-users and enterprises.

The TRACE Enterprise version is intended for power-user and enterprise clients. It expands on the same high-performance functionality of the Standard version with powerful complexity and configurability and is reinforced with consultancy support.


Standard features





Configurable line item attributes

User-specific workspace environment

User audit trail

Full customisation and client branding

Budget features


Set budget goals and track progress

Set and monitor category spend and portfolio strategy

Data enrichment and context-sensitive filtering

In-project commenting

Model revenue impact

Reporting features


Meeting budget tracking (budget, forecast, actual, variance)

Meeting health check (financial status & weather forecast)

Cash flow analysis (event level)

Cash flow analysis (enterprise level)

Direct savings & negotiated discount data

Cost avoidance

Out of contract & maverick spend

Top spend categories

Top suppliers in each category (by spend)

Top suppliers in each category (by rated service performance)

Total enterprise and local entity spend by category supplier

Trend performance overview

Number of completed and cancelled events

VAT spend and reclaim

Number of attendees, room nights by event and business unit

Service scope utilisation by event and business unit

Detailed spend data by event type

KPI data (e.g. avg spend/event, avg spend/attendee)

Planning data (e.g. avg. lead time/event)

Attendee impact assessment

Technical Features


Push data to ERP and BI systems

Access to TRACE API

Connect to 3rd Party databases via API

Export reports as PDFs

Works on any device

Consultancy Features


Guidance on enterprise events policy

Staff communication and training on TRACE

Supplier and category rationalisation

Supplier base diversity analysis

Effective data analysis for continuous improvement

Impact measurement to support ROI, ROO and ROE

Market insights and benchmarking

Meeting and events experts specialised in KAM, BI and strategy

Guidance on priority setting and resource allocation

QBRs (quarterly business reviews)

Facilitation of ongoing staff training on event SOPs

Service and Support Features


Initial configuration & set-up

Email technical support

TRACE assist