For the Meeting Manager

  • Delivers complete 360º information specific to your event at the touch of a button
  • Track progress against event objectives, with no hidden surprises
  • Manage risk thanks to full spend visibility and duty-of-care functionality
  • Works on any device, anywhere
  • Easy and intuitive to use, get proficient in only a few minutes

For the IT Manager

  • 100% GDPR compliant with highly-defined security standards
  • Single sign on (SSO) with easy roll-out across the enterprise
  • Secure multi-source data connections via API
  • Single version of truth data consolidation
  • Flexible data management that does not drain IT resources

For the Procurement Manager

  • Best-in-class business intelligence and advisory
  • Full data visibility with alerts to pending issues before they happen
  • Strategically manage Meetings & Events spend to drive compliance and savings
  • Supports Purchase-to-Pay and Source-to-Contract
  • Highly affordable portfolio management with fast time-to-value

Outcomes: Advantage Delivered

Spend insight

Spend data occurs throughout the purchase-to-pay process from requisition approval to goods receipt and invoice settlement. TRACE provides insights on your meeting and event spend which support a more effective sourcing strategy and cost control

Budgetary control

TRACE provides visibility over actual income and spend and compares them to planned income and spending. Reporting and analysis is dynamic allowing you to view performance at the enterprise level and drill down to the country/brand level and through to each individual event.


TRACE opens up significant savings opportunities for your company. Our business advisory service uses Strategic Meeting Management principles to deliver both direct and indirect savings that can range between 5% and 25% of your company’s total spend on meetings and events.

Leverage volume

In today’s relationship between corporate meeting and event category owner and supplier, the category owner aims to be more empowered than ever. Making sure that key suppliers are strategically sourced and that volume is appropriately routed through them is the cornerstone of effective procurement.

Improve quality

With full visibility over suppliers, cash flow and event performance TRACE makes quality easy to improve for you. Complexity regularly impairs improvement and effectiveness so, as you build your quality improvement efforts, we focus on keeping it simple and on giving you the right insights.

Manage cash flow

TRACE can help you monitor and optimise an efficient use of cash across your meeting and event category. Complete data visibility supports heightened supplier management, maximises value from payment terms and deploys analytics in decision making. Our business advisors consult on how not to leave cash on the table and on ways to generate free cash flow (FCF).

Improved duty-of-care

One of the key benefits of TRACE is an improved capability and more proactive approach to duty-of-care as part of corporate travel risk management. We can allow you to quickly and accurately determine complex itineraries and event programme activities to identify where your traveling staff and guest are, and if they need assistance should an emergency occur.

Better business decisions

Instead of having to rely on gut instinct to make important decisions, or having only a partial view on the key data, the TRACE’s data analytics provide quantitive and qualitative management insight to drive better decision making and positively impact your bottom line.

Time saving

Business is being conducted at a faster pace than ever before. TRACE saves you a whole bunch of time by presenting consolidated date at the touch of a button. This alone eases reporting and performance tracking stress and allows for your meeting managers to be more productive and get the most out of their working day.