Learn about becoming a TRACE client

  • I already have a SMM solution, why do I need TRACE?

    Most SMM providers use the data sourced from within their own platform (typically registration, venue and supplier data). Typically, they struggle with the complexity of typical corporations and fail to access other siloed data critical to the organisation. Moreover, they are mainly retrospective and do not enable alert notification of a deviation from the plan. TRACE is different. It provides you with 360º visibility of all data across your business, gives pre-alerts and enables impactful and insightful business decisions to be made.

  • Can my in-company IT department develop a TRACE solution?

    Your in-company IT department has first-hand expertise with your line-of-business applications. This is an advantage as they know your business well and have immediate access to those applications. However, within most companies the IT department is responsible for maintaining and supporting the IT infrastructure necessary for business continuity. They are, typically, most effective when fulfilling that remit and may the skills, experience and time to develop a TRACE solution efficiently.

    TRACE is effective because we have the technical resource who are specialised in blending multiple types of data sources and executing industry-leading data management, modelling and analytics. Our business advisory team ensure that the subsequent data output is visualised and leveraged in a way that improves business performance in a scalable and flexible way.

  • Is TRACE costly or cost effective?

    TRACE is intended to result in significant savings amongst other business benefits (such as spend data visibility, duty of care, compliance, etc). Our business advisory team makes sure that the TRACE solution is well executed at the client level, thereby keeping the total cost of operations low. We would expect for TRACE clients to benefit from 10%-20% savings on their total meeting and event spend and for them to have recouped their investment in TRACE between 6 and 18 months (dependent on the maturity and complexity of their processes and systems).

  • What industries does TRACE serve?

    Any business anywhere can benefit from TRACE. Typically, the more complex and the more unstructured the client, the greater the impact of TRACE will be. The TRACE team specialises in working with clients in highly-regulated industries, such as Healthcare and Finance.

  • How did TRACE start?

    TRACE was initially co-developed by MCI Benelux and dFakto to assist the management of the meeting and events programmes of corporate clients. Positive market reaction has led to TRACE being made available as a standalone business solution in 2018.

  • Do you have client reference we can call?

    The companies behind TRACE team have a list of clients who you can call as references. These are available on request and are provided to potential clients as we finalise the possibility of working together.

  • Who can I talk to if I’m interested in learning more about TRACE?

    TRACE’s business development manager is Thomas Scheerder. Click here for his contact details, or even better, complete the form and he will contact you directly.

  • I want to have TRACE, what are the next steps?

    You will receive an offered tailored to your specific requirement from our business advisors. They will also assist, if required, in framing the internal business case for implementation approval and sign-off. Once we have received the formal approval from you, we will initiate the on boarding process. This 100-day implementation programme includes data source mapping, stakeholder needs assessment, data visualisation build, staff communication and training.

Learn about practical aspects to TRACE

  • How does TRACE work?

    TRACE works by gathering data from every relevant data source site used for your meetings and events. This can be a handful of source or, more commonly, many sources (it is common for these to number 80-100). We then assemble the data, enrich it and check for quality issues before conducting data analysis. We then deliver powerful insights along with data visualisation, so that you can make informed business decisions.

  • Can TRACE be customised to meet my specific needs?

    Yes. In fact, every client's IT configuration and use of third-party software is different and this demands a bespoke approach from our side. The good news is that TRACE is then moulded to perfectly fit your specific needs.

  • We do not have advanced processes or centralised IT management, is TRACE still relevant for us?

    Yes, TRACE can still work for you. Our business advisors will guide you through the process. Often this will start with our help in defining and rolling-out an events policy and then mapping out the data touch points you have. We work at the speed and extent appropriate for your organisation.

  • What is an API?

    API stands for Application Programming Interface and basically allows for TRACE to talk to your company servers, and those of the platforms you are using, with a request for data and the ability to receive that data.

  • Is it a plug-and-play solution?

    TRACE works in the cloud and does not require any software to be installed for it to work. Of course, your IT department needs to provide access to the source data (by API) and you need to have the possibility to visualise data. For this we use industry standards such as Qlikview, Sisense and Microsoft Power BI.

  • Can it be linked to our ERP?

    Yes, TRACE can connect to your ERP.

  • Will TRACE still work if my company updates one of our software tools to a newer version?

    Yes, TRACE will still work if you update your software. This is a major advantage of TRACE over traditional solutions. Normally, code is scripted to integrate data together and when one source is updated the whole data integrate flow is broken. This does not apply to TRACE. Due to our dynamic methodology, TRACE continues to work and function across all other data sources. Our data managers only need to make a small API request adjustment for the one data source affected by the update. This is usually a very quick process.

  • Is TRACE a technical solution?

    TRACE is actually a business solution combining industry leading data management and business advisory services together.

  • Is it a secure solution?

    We take the security and privacy of client data very seriously. Our processes confirm to strict protocols and are fully GDPR compliant. At the minimum, we guarantee to perform in line with your own company’s data security requirements.

Learn about our client services

  • What communication will I receive, as a TRACE client, throughout the year?

    We communicate with our clients regularly, both in person and virtually. Here are some examples:

    ∙   Strategic advisory meetings (such as a Quarterly Business Review)
    ∙   Communication about project progress and updates
    ∙   E-newsletters on relevant insights, tips and how-tos
    ∙   Annual client survey

  • What kind of training do you provide to clients?

    TRACE is really easy-to-use and very intuitive. This means that very little user training is actually required (less than 5 minutes). As part of the on-boarding process, we will offer user training and will have a support service available afterwards. As a client, you will have access to a user portal in which you can find additional training resources, such as instructional videos/webinars.

  • What is included in the onboarding process?

    The on-boarding process is a 100-day implementation programme includes data source mapping, stakeholder needs assessment, data visualisation build, staff communication and training. This is led by the same business advisors who will work with you once TRACE has been rolled-out in your company.

  • Can you help us develop our meetings and governance policies?

    Yes, absolutely. TRACE business advisors each have over 10 years of relevant meeting and event experience.

  • Do I need to use all of the TRACE functionalities?

    No, TRACE is moulded to match your particular requirements and to enable your governance process. Our business advisors will guide you in make the right configuration for your company.